LMA is one of the fastest growing performing arts and creative institutions in the UK, boasting outstanding campuses in both London and Liverpool. 


The university is co-owned and championed by global superstar, Robbie Williams and Fury’s lead role after joining the cast, has been to comprehensively rebrand LMA and place them centre-stage.

Love Media. Love Music. Love Arts; three things both LMA and Fury are really passionate about, which is why we’re a great fit.


Bold fonts and a stripped back palette combine with striking visuals. All neccesary to communicate with an audience that expect their university’s image to be A-list in every way. 


We created a media-rich website to thrust them into the spotlight and have seen traffic grow by an incredible 300% since its recent premier. 

To drive future stars to LMA’s website, a printed prospectus is handed out at roadshows and events. Energised, aspirational and highly tactile, it plays a major role in scouting for the UK’s top creative talent.

Once on board, students are given a dedicated App to keep them bang up-to-date with what’s going on during their journey at LMA. 


On-brand, intuitive and interactive, it’s revolutionised student-tutor communication across both of the busy campuses.

Below the line, through the line, above the line. Fury ensures LMA’s design and marketing always headlines the gig.


We recently made a performance on London Underground’s network. A recruitmentment campaign that featured a cast of distruptive animations to showcase all the creative courses on offer.

“Fury really are the nuts when it comes to promoting LMA.”

Robbie Williams, Owner

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