New Art Gallery


The National Gallery, London, have just embarked on their three year mission to bring the most important pieces of fine art to a public audience that may never see such incredible works without this exciting initiative.

As The New Gallery Walsall’s marketing and creative agency, Fury had the enviable task of ensuring that the first, full year travelling exhibition was a great success.

After a meticulously scrutinised selection process, only three galleries across all of the UK were chosen to showcase this incredible painting. And as our clients were the first custodians of Holbein’s ground-breaking work, we made sure that the space this art piece would reside in was absolutely perfect in every detail.    

Fury devised a perfect colour palette to complement Holbein the Younger’s masterpiece, along with just the right customer experience throughout the exhibition. We were even responsible for the optimal lighting within exhibition, to show off the master’s work to best affect.

Promoted primarily as a family experience, we ensured that as well as simply being a spectacle of important Renaissance painting, family’s could also bring their children along and immerse them in a fine art adventure of fun and learning.


Young people were invited to design there own ‘masterpieces’ and also create their personal family crests – something Holbein was referencing from the Lovell family’s crest through the various elements in the painting. We also created a selfie-station where kids were invited to dress up as their own ‘works of art’ and then post their compositions to social media –


Fury were asked to implement every aspect of the exhibition’s branding, interior design, strategy and marketing.

We also ensured all of the print advertising was delivered across local press and throughout the train network within Birmigham’s New Street Station. Finally, we created a video documentary, showcasing the incredible journey The New Gallery have travelled throughout
this exciting project.

“The National Gallery were very impressed with the quality of the design work, which complemented the artwork and exhibition perfectly”

Julie Brown, Curator of the National Gallery Tour

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