For over 30 years, Payzone has provided bill payment services to independent retailers, multiples (including Tesco) and symbol groups across the UK, offering ingenious solutions to retailers, businesses and their customers.

Since Payzone became part of the Post Office, Fury have created their brand language and played a key role in growing the network of over 24,000 stores and branches, countrywide.

A signposted website that enjoyed over 1,232,632 visits between January 2022 and December 2022, has been developed for both customers and retailers.

It intuitively highlights the benefits of Payone’s rapidly growing partnership portfolio. An enviable list that spans British Gas to National Express, Amazon to O2 mobile – and so many more huge brands too.

Customer’s can easily find their nearest Payzone store and learn of all the bill payment services it has to offer, while the site also provides retailers with all the latest product news, plus a facility to order supplies and advertising material.

A colourful and inviting brand identity has been applied to every avenue of on and offline marketing comms. B2B, B2C – covering retailer recruitment and retention, together with consumer awareness and advertising. 

Magazine ads, customer and retailer-facing exhibition systems, store signage and point-of-sale, transaction guides, organic and paid social media campaigns – even each store’s bill payment device interface screen UX. We’ve ensured Payzone’s brand language speaks consistently and coherently throughout the journey.

The recent launch of Payzone’s market-leading bill payments device has been a huge success, seeing over 3,000 leads generated into the Sales Team within just months of the clever terminal going to market.

Fury created a sub-brand for the Payzone Plus, which, while processing bill payment transactions can also accept card sales.

’Smaller. Faster. Better.’ was adopted as the campaign’s message and a slick and informative video animation was shared via the website, social and email channels to tempt retailers away from the competition.    

“Ground breaking design concepts, with expert delivery at a fast pace! My go to design team!”

Isobel Fixter, Head of Marketing

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