Stooge Cycles


Stooge Cycles produce a new breed of mountain bike frame that unashamedly harks back to the golden era of no-frills Californian trail riding. They’re creating quite a buzz in the cycling world by offering one of the sweetest handling and best looking steel 29ers on the UK market.


We created Stooge’s new branding which proudly adorns the frame in transfer and titanium-etched form and up front in its 50s retro cool steel head badge.

It’s lots of fun applying all the graphics to Stooge’s cool range of branded accessories and merchandise. It spans from handlebars and saddlebags, through to t-shirts and safety gear.

Via a hugely successful social media campaign, Stooge frame owners were asked to submit their most inspiring photos for use in the latest ads.


‘Put yourself in the frame’ was the evocative and apsirational message which ran in publications such as Mountain Biking UK, Spoke and Mountain Bike Rider.

“I’m over the moon with the Facebook campaign response.”

Andrew Stevenson, Owner

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