Developing a successful brand is a lot more than just designing a logo then sticking it on all your communications. In fact, a logo is only one small step toward creating a strong brand identity. 

A brand is all about a consumer’s perception of your company. A positive perception means that a customer has a sense of quality, value and trust in your business. A negative perception… well, you know the answer to that one! 

Brand identity is the aspect of branding that focuses on your company’s personality, as well as the values you want to convey to customers. 

Fury lives and breathes brand development. It’s what distinguishes one organisation from another. A set of features that typically comprise of a name, tagline, logo, design language, brand voice, and more.

Think about Apple, Amazon, Nike, FedEx, Coca-Cola. What emotional ties do you have with these brands? 

By understanding your business and its goals, we’ll craft and implement a personality that amplifies the core elements of your company’s DNA.


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